Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sun-Times show in Chicago

Here's information on the next big card show in Chicago: Sun-Times Show

This show is mostly known to have A LOT of baseball, both new as well as vintage. If I was that kind of collector, I would be in heaven! But as it is, I am a basketball collector, mainly Bulls of course! Since the show is held in Chicago [in Rosemont if you want to be specific], then you know all the dealers will be bumping the prices for all local products [Cubs, Sox, Bears and Bulls]. Back when I first started getting back into collecting in 2004, I used to try to pick up as much stuff as I could, regardless of price so I can have it for my collection when I could have gone home and logged onto ebay and got it for 1/2 the price. There is just something about getting the

card you want, RIGHT when you see it. Now, I am more interested in getting autographs of players who show up. Now this can get pretty expensive as well, but I figure you are paying for the experience. There are just some athletes who just charge so much! For instance Bill Russell was at a show I went to last year, and he charged $500 for an autograph! Um, no thanks! Obviously I was not around to enjoy Mr. Russell's game, but still, WOW! Obviously someone who I would pay that kind of cash for is the man Michael Jordan. I would imagine if we were ever fortunate enough to have Jordan sign at an event, it would easily be $1000 per autograph. Ironically, Jordan has no idea of why someone would want an autograph of an athlete as he stated on the Leno Show.

Some autographs I'd love to get this time around would be the newly announced to the HOF: Andre Dawson [Cubs, NOT Expos], Chris Johnson [Titans], Adam West [Batman], Keith Hernandez [Mets and Seinfeld, haha], and of course Derrick Rose [Bulls] and Emmitt Smith [Cowboys]. Will I actually get to get these? I have no idea, depends on the cash flow for that week. I do have the Shamrock Shuffle 8K that Sunday, so I would probably only be going on Friday and/or Saturday.

If anyone wants to meet up, let me know! Here are some of the autographs I have gotten at past shows:

TYRUS THOMAS [when he was on the Bulls]


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