Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bowman Baseball Box break!

So each year when Bowman comes out, I like to get a box or three of it. It's fun actually having no idea who or what I pulled. All I know is I like refractors. Blues are nice, Golds are better, Oranges even nicer, Red are sweet, and of course superfractors rule. Yeah, that's all I know, kinda sad. If I pull the player that is on the box, then I guess that's a good sign, haha. I actually didn't get any Bowman last year. In 2007 I got a Jason Heyward refractor, probably my best hit that year. Sold it for $20. Probably should have held it back then since he's blowing up this year. Looks like those are selling for around $50-$60 now.

So maybe I should hold onto this hit?

So what do you think?


- Joe

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